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Following Intel’s orders, MSI has already released a BIOS update on its Z790 motherboards for “recommended” power consumption for 13th and 14th Generation processors.

With this update, Raptor Lake and Meteor Lake CPUs should now operate by default within the limits set by Intel to avoid the recent complications seen in their newer hardware.

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Now, in MSI’s BIOS, users should find three different settings for using these processors:

  • Intel Default Settings: 125W PL1 / 253W PL2 / 307A current limit;
  • Tower Air Cooler: 288W PL1 / 288W PL2 / 512A current limit;
  • Water Cooler: 4096W PL1 / 4096W PL2 / 512A current limit

This new update will also alert the user that, if the “Tower Air Cooler” and “Water Cooler” profiles are selected, the system may experience instability.


MSI meets Intel’s requirements

It is important to mention that MSI made this update available in favor of a good relationship that it maintains with Intel – just as all others must do by May 31, 2024, the date established by the manufacturer so that everyone adapts to its new recommendations.

Officially, the corporation also released more information about the “Intel Default Settings” profile and the user will be able to notice big differences between what existed before with the “Baseline”, “Performance” and “Extreme” modes. The “Baseline” has been completely removed and is now recognized as the “Performance” profile, for example.


On MSI’s Z790 motherboards, the “Boxed Cooler” profile that appeared in the BIOS is now set to the “Intel Default Settings” – setting PL1 to 253W as the default. This represents a large reduction in energy consumption in this update, which should also be seen by others in the coming weeks.

Intel Determinations

Intel intends to make a statement on these cases of instability regarding its 13th and 14th Generation processors, pointing out the actions they are taking alongside motherboard manufacturers to contain user problems. Below, you can see the message they sent to their commercial partners:

Intel requests that by the end of the month, motherboard manufacturers provide end users with a default BIOS profile that complies with recommended settings.

* Suggested profile name “Intel Default Settings”;

*Intel asks consumers to implement “Intel Default Settings” profile as BIOS default by May 31, 2024;

Intel strongly advises consumers to change the default BIOS configuration to ensure operations in accordance with our recommended settings


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