For the first time, a jury has ruled that hacks violate a gaming company’s copyright. This precedent was set with the case between Phoenix Digital x Bungie. A federal judge in Seattle, United States, concluded that hacks for Destiny 2available on the website AimJunkiesfrom Phoenix Digital, violated the intellectual property rights of Bungie, responsible for the game.

The process had been ongoing since 2021, and Bungie’s arguments were partially rejected in April 2022, as the company had not presented sufficient arguments against Phoenix Digital, which denied all accusations. The case returned to the spotlight, with this new decision winning the case for Bungie.

In a note sent to The Verge, Bungie said it is committed to its players and will continue to protect them against fraud, including taking this and future cases to trial.

Phoniex Digital Group, as well as four other defendants, will have to pay compensation of US$63,210 to Bungie for the real profits obtained from the sale of cheats through the AimJunkies website. The division of values ​​was as follows:

The owner of Phoenix Digital, David Schaefer, declared that he rejects the verdict and will appeal.


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