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Ayaneo revealed last week that it will carry out several upgrades to the motherboards of its products, which now use the AMD ‘Hawk Point” Ryzen 7 8840U CPU. According to the company, the improvement will not only be offered to new consumerswhich can also be used by those who have already purchased some of its older models.

She explains that interested consumers will still have to pay for the upgrade, but the price charged will be much lower than investing in an updated model. The company says upgrade plans will start at $499 and will be available for Air 1S, Ayaneo 2, 2S, Geek (6800U), and Geek 1S devices.

Among the company’s recent offerings, only Kun will not have the option. However, it will also get a redesigned motherboard and CPU, which will be available to new consumers for a starting price of US$1209. The Geek and Geek 1S will not have updated versions available to the general public.

According to the manufacturer of portable PCs, the values ​​released by it at the moment are promotional, and should increase in the future. Furthermore, It will be up to consumers themselves to bear the costs necessary to send their devices for the company, which makes life difficult for those in Brazil, for example.

Ayaneo will offer motherboard upgrades for laptops already sold
Photo: Disclosure/Ayaneo

Tom’s Hardware states that, although valid, the upgrade should not be very attractive for those who already have an Ayaneo model with the Ryzen 7840U. The new Ryzen 7 8840U CPU has greater compatibility with artificial intelligence features, but its true potential should still take some time to be explored.

At the same time, those who have the Geek and Geek 1S models should view the offer favorably, given that the new motherboard and CPU will offer more energy efficiency. So far, Ayaneo has not confirmed whether the current upgrade offer will be a one-off or whether such strategies will become a fixed part of its sales strategy.

Fonte: Tom’s Hardware

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