YouTube Music for Android is launching a highly anticipated tool that lets users find music just by humming a song’s melody.

This new functionality, which also allows you to sing the song or play it on an instrument, was reported by the website 9to5Google and has been in the testing phase since March this year.

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How the new Youtube Music works

The new YouTube Music tool promises to be a great help for those moments when you remember a song but don’t know the lyrics to look for it on YouTube, either because it’s in another language or just because the melody comes to mind. It promises to listen while you hum even without knowing the lyrics or guessing the song. But, it’s important to emphasize, you need to hum it right, as the tool can still present errors.

Using the feature is very easy, just tap the magnifying glass located in the top right corner of the screen and look for the waveform icon next to the microphone icon. By tapping this icon, the user can start humming or singing the melody of the desired song. Within seconds, a full-screen results page will display detailed information about the song, including album cover, song name, artist, album, release year and other relevant data.

The new functionality arrives as an extension of the “Now Playing” feature present on Pixel devices, which uses artificial intelligence to “match the sound to the original recording”. This ensures accurate and quick identification of songs.

Update and availability

The tool was made available through a server-side update in version 7.02 of YouTube Music for Android. There is still no information about the availability of this functionality for iOS devices, although it is likely to be released soon for that platform as well. Even on Android, the release is being partial, so it may not have reached everyone yet and this should take a few days. Either way, keep your app up to date.

Although it is new for YouTube Music, this search functionality by humming or humming is not unprecedented in the technology market. Google Search introduced a similar tool in 2020, allowing users to find songs by humming or whistling.

Additionally, the regular YouTube app also started offering a similar feature last year. The music streaming platform Deezer, in turn, launched a “hum to search” tool in 2022, highlighting the growing demand for this type of functionality among users of streaming services.

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