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This week, ASUS officially announced the arrival of the brand new Mini PC NUC 14 Performance. The compact device integrates the Next Unit of Compute (NUC) line and expands the series acquired from Intel by ASUS. The NUC 14 line already has three other devices, all based on Intel Core Ultra 100 processors.

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In March, ASUS presented the NUC 14 Pro and Pro+ models, equipped with Core Ultra 7 155H or Core Ultra 9 185H processors. They do not have a dedicated GPU, but they come with integrated Arc graphics, which offer up to 8 Xe-Cores. These systems are aimed at professional use and not for games, an area intended for the ASUS ROG line.

A month after the launch of the Pro and Pro+, ASUS introduced the ROG NUC, its first high-performance Mini-PC. It is equipped with the Core Ultra 9 185H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 or RTX 4070 GPU options.

The manufacturer guarantees that the NUC Performance is aimed at gamers and professionals who require high graphics performance, with prices ranging between US$2,200 and US$2,500. The values ​​correspond to R$11.3 thousand and R$12.9 thousand according to the current price.

Photo: Disclosure/ASUS

ASUS NUC 14 Series Technical Details

NUC 14 Performance:

  • Processors: Core Ultra 9 185H, Ultra 7 155H, RTX 4060/4070 GPU.
  • Similar to the ROG NUC in chassis and specifications, but without the ROG branding.
  • 330W power supply, the same used in the ROG NUC.
  • Aimed at business use, offering high performance and sophistication.


  • Processor: Core Ultra 9 185H (up to 65W TDP).
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 ou RTX 4070.
  • 330W power supply.

NUC 14 Pro+:

  • Processadores: Core Ultra 9 185H, Ultra 7 155H, Core Ultra 5 125H.
  • Arc integrated graphics (up to 65W TDP).

NUC 14 Pro:

  • Processors: Core Ultra 7 155H, Core Ultra 5 135H.
  • Arc integrated graphics (up to 40W TDP).

The ASUS NUC 14 Performance Mini PC stands out for its versatility, being designed for business use and offering a combination of performance and connectivity. With a sophisticated design, this model aims to add value to the work environment, without compromising graphic performance.

The ROG NUC, on the other hand, is aimed at gamers looking for a compact but powerful Mini PC. Equipped with the latest NVIDIA processors and GPUs, this model guarantees a fluid and high-quality gaming experience.

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