It is not today that the YouTubethe world’s largest video sharing platform, is in an open war against ad blockers. After all, ads are the platform’s main source of income. And maybe the Googleits owner, has made recent changes to the service to prevent the use of AdBlockers (the shorter name for ad blockers).

Lately, some users have been reporting that something strange is happening on the platform, especially among those who use ad blockers. Many of these users are reporting a peculiar occurrence: when trying to watch videos on YouTube while the blocker is active, these quickly skip to the end. In the next paragraphs I provide more details about this.

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Users started complaining on Reddit

Users complain on Reddit

This issue began to generate buzz and sparked a real debate on various social networks and forums specializing in technology and digital media. Mainly in Reddit, where a user reported that, when opening a video on YouTube, it abruptly advances to the end in an interval of just five seconds. It seems like a pretty frustrating situation, doesn’t it? Another user, also using the platform Reddit to express his indignation, he mentioned that when he encountered this error, in addition to the video skipping to the end, the audio is not played.

This matter was not restricted to isolated comments. Several other users corroborated these claims, and some added that even trying to restart the video or fast-forward it manually did not seem to resolve the issue — the error persisted. However, there seems to be a common denominator among all the people who faced this issue: the use of some type of ad blocker.

For those looking for an immediate solution, there seems to be a quick and effective way to get videos back to normal: simply disable your ad blocker. By carrying out this action, reports are that the videos start playing again without unwanted interruptions. Very convenient for Google, right?

AdBlockers intentional problem or bug?

Youtube declared war on Ad Blockers, no more Adblock from December 10

Given the simultaneity of these reports and the coincidence that they are all related to the use of ad blockers, it is not surprising that many users are questioning whether such problems are unintentional, perhaps a ploy by YouTube to discourage the use of these tools.

However, the website 9to5Google, known for his detailed analyzes of Gigante das Buscas products, considers that all of this could be the result of a bug in the blockers themselves. They point out that, at another time at the beginning of this year, a technical problem in AdBlock resulted in slow loading of videos or even caused the computer to show reduced performance when accessing YouTube.

It is worth noting that YouTube has not officially commented on what happened. It’s no wonder that users are suspicious of this situation, especially considering that since 2023 YouTube has shown explicit and direct warnings whenever it detects the use of an ad blocker. Furthermore, the platform has also made it clear that it wants put an end to apps like ReVanced that block ads.

Official solution is to subscribe to YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium rises in price;  check out the new value -

For those who wish to enjoy an ad-free experience on YouTube without resorting to blockers, the only available option offered by the platform is to become a YouTube subscriber. YouTube Premium. In Brazil, the plans available and their respective prices are currently:

  • Plano Individual: R$ 24.90 monthly;
  • Individual Plan (annual): R$ 249 (equivalent to R$ 20.75 per month);
  • Family Plan: R$41.90 per month, allowing access for up to five family members;
  • Student Plan: R$ 13.90 monthly.

And there? Do you think the problem reported in this news was intentionally caused by YouTube or is it just an ad blocker bug? And speaking of which, do you use any AdBlocker out there?


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