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AMD is restructuring the nomenclature of various hardware and the new motherboard chipset will be no different. The line based on processors with Zen 5 architecture should be called “X800” – once again getting closer to what is already being done by Intel.

Just as we saw that they will debut the new processors as “AMD Ryzen AI 300” skipping some conventions, they will also take a leap and we will not have an “X700” line of motherboards. In this line of thought, the successor to the X670 model will be the X870.

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Asus X670 Motherboard

The Chinese website Benchlife states that AMD will reveal new models compatible with the Zen 5 architecture and the “Granite Ridge” line of processors during Computex 2024.

It’s clear that we should expect several mainboard manufacturers to showcase AMD and Intel 800 chipsets at Computex 2024. It has been confirmed that the chipset compatible with the AMD Ryzen 9000 will be called the “800 series”, similar to Intel’s nomenclature.

Chris L., Benchlife

It is important to highlight that this name change that AMD proposes is part of the corporation’s commercial strategy – with numbers side-by-side or even greater than Intel’s for a greater fight for space in the market: for example, while the rival will launch Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs, they will arrive with AMD Ryzen AI 300.

AMD 55 years

AMD hasn’t confirmed anything yet

It is worth noting that both the name change in relation to AMD’s next processors and those related to motherboards have not been confirmed by the manufacturer. In other words, there may be differences between what is being reported and what they will announce.

In any case, Computex 2024 will be next week and the company’s CEO – Dr. Lisa Su – will give the event’s opening presentation. It is expected to present the “Strix Point” CPUs, the first that will use the Zen 5 architecture and also talk more about the “Granite Ridge” line.


It is there that they must reveal whether the lines will have their names changed, what they will be and how this new structure will be adopted by the new generation of hardware.

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