iOS 18 promises to bring a series of innovations that will make the iPhone experience even more fun and personalized, including more emoji options and more personalization of the home screen.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his Power On newsletter, one of the main new features that Apple should present at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) next month will be precisely these new AI-generated emojis.

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AI-created emojis and more personalization on iPhone

Currently, the iPhone’s emoji library is already quite extensive, but Apple is working on software that can instantly create personalized emojis based on what users are typing.

This functionality will allow for an even more unique and creative expression in conversations. Imagine being able to send an emoji that reflects exactly the context or feeling you want to express, created at the moment you write the message. It will be fascinating to see the unusual creations that will emerge from this new development.

Another big change expected in iOS 18 is greater freedom to customize the home screen and applications. Users will be able to change the color of application icons and organize items on the screen more freely, without being restricted to the current grid layout.

This flexibility will allow users to create more creative and personalized home screen designs, better reflecting their personal preferences and styles, something that will certainly be very welcome for those who are still bothered by this lack of freedom on iOS.

But, it’s important to note that, although these news are exciting, they are still rumors and should not be taken as definitive. However, expectations are high, especially with Apple’s approach to integrating artificial intelligence in practical and useful ways.

AI in practical applications on iPhone

In addition to emojis and personalization, Apple appears focused on practical applications for AI technology in iOS 18. Gurman suggests that the company may announce a partnership with OpenAI, which could bring significant improvements to several iPhone features.

Among the expected improvements are more efficient searches in Safari, improvements in Siri, smarter photo retouching and more accurate voice memo transcriptions. Apple may also introduce smart summaries for notifications and web pages, making information management even more efficient.

This shows that, with the launch of iOS 18, Apple appears ready to take personalization and the use of artificial intelligence on the iPhone to a new level. AI-generated emojis and new home screen customization options are just some of the new features that could transform the way users interact with their devices.

We eagerly await WWDC on June 10th to see which of these innovations come to fruition and how they will impact the user experience on the iPhone.

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