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MSI has released a new firmware and software update for the MSI Claw, bringing a huge leap in performance to your notebook. With the update, they also released a graph showing the leap in performance that the new version presents – reaching up to 30% higher FPS.

As you can see below, some numbers are surprising and show that the small device still has great potential to be explored. Fortnite, for example, had a 28% increase in higher FPS; Helldivers 2 recorded a 20% higher FPS number. The 30% mentioned was seen in Forza Horizon 5, by Playground Games.

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Another important point to note is that some of them have a huge FPS count, even if there is no significant increase in this latest update. The NBA 2K24 game on the MSI Claw, for example, reaches 152 FPS on certain settings.

To have this increase, the user must look for the new BIOS version – which is in version E1T41IMS.109 and also from MSI Center M itself – which has reached version 1.0.2405.1401. Considering that the device was launched just two months ago, it is possible that even more improvements will be seen throughout 2024.

It is important to note that Intel is also keeping an eye on the MSI Claw, bringing several drivers to optimize the gaming experience on the laptop. No wonder, as this was the first commercial partner that decided to use its processors instead of those seen with AMD Ryzen Z1 with RDNA.

MSI Claw Comparison

To further highlight the MSI Claw, the manufacturer also compared its performance to the ASUS ROG Ally notebook. According to them, their device is 26% faster than the competition on average for the best-selling games on Steam.

With updates to MSI Center M and BIOS, MSI Claw can deliver superior performance compared to competitors within the top 100 games on Steam. For example, in the popular open-world survival Valheim, our laptop can bring 90% more FPS. Other popular titles like Euro Truck Simulator 2, World of Warships and Dying Light also see performance advantages greater than 50% and deliver a smoother gaming experience.


It is important to note in the graph above that MSI does not identify whether the MSI Claw is competing with the ASUS ROG Ally with Ryzen Z1 or its “Extreme” version. However, it is assumed that it is the less powerful version of the competitor’s device.

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