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ASUS, MSI and ASRock highlighted CAMM2 memories at Computex 2024, which they intend to see adopted on desktop motherboards. After all, what proposal did the three see in it, especially when the debates are only focused on artificial intelligence and Arm?

First of all, we need to talk about what CAMM2 memory is. The acronym stands for “Compression Attached Memory Modules” in its second standardized version.

Kingston CAMM2

It hits the market in two different formats: the rectangular and complete one, with a design aimed at servers and other hardware – the focus of ASUS, MSI, ASRock and other manufacturers – and the low-power, angular and hat-shaped version. These are known as LPCAMM2 modules and are used in notebooks.

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The use of CAMM2 memories

According to MSI, the CAMM2 memory standard will bring a leap in performance to the desktop. The proposal is to ensure that the current generation DDR5 achieves higher speeds and lower latency – in its reduced physical size.

In simpler terms, the modules are significantly smaller than DIMM memories on desktops and SODIMMs on notebooks. Furthermore, this helps not only with insight into your layout. As they are screwed downwards, they take up less space – especially in “Z-space”.

ASUS and ASRock are not concerned at this time with the jump in performance. However, your attention is focused precisely on the aspect of saving space.

Solving problems

Nowadays, desktop components are bigger and bulkier. One of the biggest concerns today is in the space for cooling hardware. Using smaller memory modules and saving money can solve some of these problems, especially on Mini PCs and Mini-ITX formats.

What MSI, ASUS and ASRock really want is a solution so that this is no longer a headache. And they are not the only ones, as NVIDIA is also working on a program that standardizes SFF (small form factor) to highlight desktop components in small cases – without causing major problems with heat generation.


Others may say that the addition of CAMM2 to the desktop has an aesthetic value and, even though it is considered “trivial”, it deserves attention. When we have open cabinets or cases with acrylic sides, made for gamers and enthusiasts to demonstrate their setup, this can come into discussion to be a new attraction for consumers.

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