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Software engineer Rodrigo Méndez decided to relive the days of using Winamp and created a speaker with the classic look of the music application that was a huge success in the 2000s.

The device is called Linamp and is an MP3 Player with a touchscreen, simulating the traditional software interface. However, it is important to mention that like the old app, it also supports several audio formats and can play music from an external CD drive connected to the device.

This project features a Raspberry Pi 4B, a 32GB SD card and a 7.9-inch ultra-wide touch screen. The software engineer used the DietPi system, based on Debian (Linux) and which can run on a mini PC. For the Winamp case, he used a metal sheet and the other parts were produced by a 3D printer.

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Photo: Rodmg

According to Méndez, his inspiration was an Aiwa speaker – which was in his house when he was growing up and which remains in his possession to this day. The professional dismantled it completely, took photos and measured its components to get a better idea of ​​the design and dimensions it would use in the Linamp project.

Photo: Rodmg

To bring the Winamp device to life, the software engineer also had help. The metal sheet was produced by PCBWay, which had to use parts with 1mm of anodized aluminum. A partner who helped you with 3D printing of the front pieces, forming the product you are seeing.

A “modernized” Winamp

Linamp may take the retro features of Winamp, but it has great support for the latest technologies. In addition to the 3.5mm headphone jack, it also has an Ethernet port, a USB-A port and a USB-C port.

Photo: Rodmg

Additionally, its interface shows a real-time spectrum analyzer bar and band information. This also works when playing music from CDs by gathering data from MusicBrainz.

The software engineer does not intend to stop there and wants to bring a Bluetooth connection in future versions of Linamp and also the possibility of using Spotify – further complementing his retro Winamp. What did you think of the project? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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