WhatsApp, a messaging platform belonging to Meta, is already one of the most used applications in the world, and is now receiving some improvements to also stand out in the video calling apps segment.

In an attempt to position itself as a more robust alternative to Zoom, FaceTime and Google Meet, WhatsApp is introducing several significant improvements in this area. Among them, the new screen sharing feature, the increase in the number of participants in video calls and the introduction of highlighting the speaker stand out. Check out the news:

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WhatsApp now has screen and audio sharing

One of the most anticipated features in the app is already on the way, which is screen sharing. It allows users to share content from their screens during a call so that other participants can see it in real time.

This type of resource can be used for various purposes, such as to watch a video together, to present a document during a work meeting or simply to show some photos to family members, or even to help with technical problems even from afar. The options are countless, so screen sharing promises to be a versatile and useful tool.

Additionally, the feature supports audio sharing, allowing participants to chat while viewing the shared screen, further improving the collaborative experience.

Increase in number of participants

Another welcome update is the expansion of the participant limit on video calls to 32 people. This change represents a big jump compared to the previous limit of eight people, established in 2020 during pandemic lockdowns.

With this new capability, WhatsApp ends up becoming an even more attractive option for family meetings, virtual classes and small business conferences.

Featured for the speaker on WhatsApp

To make group calls more organized, WhatsApp is also implementing the speaker highlight feature.

In a group call, the person speaking appears first in the participant queue and their image is highlighted. It’s a small adjustment that helps a lot to keep the call more organized and helps participants understand and identify who is speaking at the moment more quickly, which improves the dynamics of discussions and makes interactions more fluid.

Audio and video quality

In addition to the new functional features, WhatsApp also revealed that it is investing in call quality. The platform now uses the MLow codec for audio compression, which should improve call clarity, reducing noise and canceling echoes, especially in noisy environments.

For users with fast internet connections, video calls will now stream in higher resolution, ensuring a clearer and more enjoyable visual experience.

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