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Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon is confident that ARM PCs will take the lead in the market and stated at Computex 2024 that he expects them to represent 50% of sales within a period of five years.

It echoes a statement from ARM CEO Rene Haas, pointing out that most of its commercial partners already have plans for sales of PCs with Windows and Snapdragon processors to represent 60% of their availability.

Different manufacturers are talking differently. I like, for example, some things that were said by the commercial partners at their investor conferences. The way they see this is changing. Some of them talk about 40 to 60% of their total sales over a three-year period. I’ve seen some talking about 50%, but that’s the order that represents greatness. It’s the kind of opportunity we have in our hands

Cristiano Amon

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Series

Qualcomm, ARM and artificial intelligence

Amon also comments that there are differences in approach, stating that Qualcomm is seeing the adoption of ARM PCs differently than we have in the past.

The reason is very important, as sometimes it gets lost in all this talk. Historically, in the PC market, there is a new version of Windows and it takes a long time to gain adoption. For example, in the business market, some corporations are still running Windows 10 and they were running Windows 7, taking a while to adopt W10. But this is different

Cristiano Amon

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He states that the change we will see will be very impactful and this adoption time will be reduced – in favor of productivity and the use of AIs in our daily lives.

This is a move from Windows to Copilot+ and you’ll see a big push that tells you this is a new type of machine. This is a machine that will increase productivity and have new ways of using it, which will be a more understandable example of the power of Copilot, so I hope the transition this time is faster than seen in any other version of Windows.

Cristiano Amon

Snapdragon X Elite no Linux

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Elite CPUs will represent a large volume of sales, mainly because they have been flagged by Microsoft as a reference for PCs with Copilot+. And ARM plays an essential role in this.

I think this will be a big selling point. And I think there will be some logic behind the numbers as we go through a tremendous amount of various journeys to get the Orion CPU to work on ARM instructions for this industry.

Cristiano Amon

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