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The US is about to make PC builders’ wallets emptier, with Joe Biden’s administration resuming a 25% tax (initiated under the Trump administration) on incoming graphics cards, motherboards and cases from China.

The decision is not yet final and Biden is meeting with industry members to get feedback on the additional charge, just as technology companies are banding together to block the White House from moving forward with the tariff – which will increase their costs. future transactions.

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Despite this softer approach, the US government actually intends to maintain the 25% – as a representative from the Secretary of Commerce told PCMag.

We will maintain tariffs on products currently subject to the actions, including the two tariffs that were asked about

The US government representative refers to tariff codes 8473.30.1180 and 8473.30.5100 – which cover graphics cards, motherboards and cases. Under Donald Trump’s administration, they also included trackpads worth over $100 and power supplies over 500W.


The industry goes against US regulations

While the US continues to make it difficult for Chinese products to enter the country, the industry and consumers are taking a stand against the actions. The Technology Consumer Association has been in direct contact with the White House to prevent the tariff from returning, for example.

However, the association’s vice president, Ed Brzytwa, stated that they are not receiving positive feedback from the Biden administration.

They are not taking care of anything. There are only increases in fares

Ed Razor

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He also points out that, in his view, this is all a political dispute to obtain more votes during the US elections.

It looks like a competition between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party to see who can be tougher on China and who will be more protectionist

Ed Razor

It is worth noting that the USA has not officially commented on the return of the increase in tariffs created by Donald Trump, nor is there a date for them to come into force. However, this should not take long to happen, as it was recently announced that Chinese semiconductors and electric vehicles will have tax increases in 2025.

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