A Apple started this Friday (24) the sale of its new iPadsBesides the Apple Pencil Pro, products announced by the company in early May. Suggested prices are as follows:

iPad Air (2024) price in Brazil:

The starting price of iPsixth generation ad Air in its 11-inch version it is R$ 6.999, value for the model with support only for Wi-Fi. The version that supports Wi-Fi + 5G costs from R$ 8.599.

The 13-inch iPad Air comes out R$ 9.499 for the Wi-Fi model and R$ 11.099 for the Wi-Fi+ 5G version.

iPad Pro (2024) price in Brazil

The new iPad Prowhich stands out for being equipped with a tela is OLED and the M4 processor, is also available in two screen sizes: 11 inches and 13 inches.

The starting price of the 11-inch model is R$12,299 for the model with only Wi-Fi support. The version with Wi-Fi + 5G support costs R$14,699. The 13-inch version starts at R$15,899 for the Wi-Fi model and R$18,299 for the Wi-Fi+ 5G model.

Apple Pencil Pro price in Brazil

Apple also started selling its Apple Pencil Pro. The suggested price is R$1,499.

As a new intuitive feature, by exerting pressure on the Apple Pencil, users will now be able to perform specific tasks, a feature that exponentially expands the possibilities of use of the Apple Pencil Pro. And following the trend of the brand’s other devices, this one also may be tracked by the Search network (Find My), as is the case with AirPods and AirTag.

The new version of the Magic Keyboard was previously available in the country. The price for the 11-inch model is R$3,299, while the version compatible with the 13-inch iPad costs R$3,799.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/novos-ipads-e-apple-pencil-pro-ja-estao-a-venda-no-brasil.html

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