In April this year, the ASUS presented the Mjolnir, a UPS with gamer design which clearly pays homage to Thor’s famous hammer, an iconic character from Norse mythology and comic books.

Now, at the prestigious Computex 2024 technology fair, ASUS has put on display a functional version of this UPS that is, to say the least, unusual.

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Features of Mjolnir

The ASUS Mjolnir UPS is not just any power backup device. It comes with a powerful 768 Wh battery, ensuring impressive autonomy. In addition, it offers several American (US) power ports as well as USB fast charging outputs, including 60 W and 100 W options (did anyone mention fast charging?).

It also has a built-in flashlight, and here’s the icing on the cake — this flashlight has a wireless charging system. This means that even in a situation where the electricity fails, users will always have a ready-to-use and fully charged light source available.

Although it’s a shame that we can’t use this built-in flashlight to literally carry Mjolnir around like the comic book hero, it proves to be extremely useful as an emergency resource in the event of a sudden power outage.

Autonomy to keep a gaming PC turned on for 1 hour

And when we compare Mjolnir to traditional UPSs, the differences are significant. For example, while a conventional 1500 VA UPS generally houses two or three batteries totaling approximately 84 Wh each, resulting in total capacities between 190 Wh and 270 Wh, Mjolnir stands out because its capacity is up to four times greater.

This high battery performance ensures that it can keep a gaming computer equipped with an RTX 4080 running for about 1 hour. This is very different from the UPSs we find today, which generally provide energy for just a few minutes. This time is just enough to turn off the devices correctly and avoid damage to the device.

Also demonstrating concern for sustainability, ASUS reported that Mjolnir can be recharged using a solar panel. However, no specifications were detailed as to whether this component will be included in the package or whether it will need to be purchased separately.

Despite all this buzz and excitement generated by the reveal of Mjolnir, some questions persist. To date, we do not have concrete information regarding when exactly the UPS will be available on the market, nor have we received estimates on what its price will be.


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