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We expect the first generation of something to start with the number 1, but AMD preferred 3 for the Strix Point series of mobile CPUs and this change was apparently at the last minute. Some reports from Hassan Mujtaba from WCCFtech and the MyDrivers website show that the series was called Ryzen AI 100, which later became Ryzen AI 300.

According to Mujtaba, Ryzen AI 100 was as it was in the presentation slides, something that was changed at Computex 2024. Both sources even released different prints reinforcing that the only two Strix Point processors revealed would have other names.

Thus, the Ryzen AI 9 HX 170 and Ryzen AI 165 CPUs had their nomenclature numbers changed to 370 and 365, respectively. And those weren’t the only changes.

The integrated graphics based on RDNA 3.5 have also undergone last-minute changes. Previously called Radeon 880M and Radeon 870M, each one went up a level, becoming 890M and 880M.

And what does this mean in the end? Nothing, actually. But we know that AMD has had difficulty with the nomenclature chosen for mobile processors, and this goes back to the Ryzen 7000 for notebooks.

Refreshing your memory: back in September 2022, before launching the Ryzen 7000 mobile, AMD decided to explain what the nomenclature of that generation would be. This explanation had to exist, because each number and letter means a specific thing in the processor name.

This could confuse the unwary and Intel, seeing this possibility, decided to poke its rival, even accusing it of hiding technologies in this series. The way Intel did this got people talking, but the message was passed on.

Soon after, AMD went public to ensure that it would be clearer in the way it identifies its products, especially with labels used on notebooks identifying specific segments and technologies, such as Ryzen AI, AMD Radeon Graphics, among others.

Ryzen AI 300

Speaking of naming explanations, when revealing the Strix Point CPUs, AMD, once again, had to explain how the Ryzen AI 300 will work as well. According to the company, the use of the number 3 (300) in this new nomenclature is due to the fact that this series has the third generation of Ryzen AI, which started with the Ryzen 7040.

There is still no release date for the Ryzen AI 300, but as the Intel Core Ultra 200V is scheduled for the third quarter, AMD should not be left out of this launch window either.

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