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TSMC announced its 1.6nm process, which it claims was achieved efficiently because of implementations made in rear power delivery – through a new method they are using in its development.

According to the data presented, the A16 will make use of GAAFET (gate-all-around) nanosheet transistors in addition to the unprecedented rear power method called “Super Power Rail” – which guarantees improved use of transistor density. The improvement is 1.10 times for data center products – taking up even less space.


According to the information presented by TSMC, the 1.6 nm process will also have an increase in speed of 8 to 10% when compared to N2P – using the same voltage. By establishing the same speed for both, the A16 will bring a reduction in energy consumption of 15 to 20%.

It is worth noting that the manufacturer has not yet revealed which commercial partners will take advantage of its use, but at this point we can agree that Apple will most likely be one of them. NVIDIA also often uses its processes in chip production, so announcements related to it should be expected in the future.

TSMC stated that it should start producing chips using the 1.6 nm process from 2026, at least if its plans remain as expected until then.


Tougher dispute between TSMC and Intel

While TSMC will use the “Super Power Rail”, Intel remains confident that its “PowerVia” method will be a big differentiator in the industry. However, although the 18A will start to be produced in 2025, its large-scale production should only gain ground in 2027 – a year after the rival’s 1.6 nm.

Furthermore, while Intel highlights the use of ASML’s EUV lithography machines, it is worth noting that the rival announced that its 16A process will be produced without them – which ends up bringing an even greater difference to the path they are taking.


More details about the 1.6 nm process and TSMC’s plans for its use in various chips in the future are expected to be announced at a later date. Right now, it is working directly on 2nm production for Apple.

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