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The last two generations of Intel processors (Raptor Lake), especially the Core i9 series, have presented gaming performance issues. Motherboard manufacturers began releasing BIOSes with corrections to the power profile of these CPUs, but considerably reducing their performance.

GIGABYTE, in addition to ASUS and MSI, are among the Intel partners that have already released fixes for unlocked processors (K series) of the 13th and 14th generations based on Raptor Lake.

Intel Core Raptor Lake

“When using 13th and 14th generation K-series CPUs, the Intel Baseline setting will appear in the ‘Turbo Power Limits’ options under ‘Advanced CPU Settings’. After enabling Intel Baseline, performance is expected to be limited due to adjustments to power settings,” GIGABYTE said.

Now, processors can operate with power profiles according to Intel’s standard, something that was not possible before, and which also limits the overclocking capacity of these SKUs, as they are forced to operate at lower specifications.

Tests from the Uniko’s Hardware website show that a Core i9-13900KF, running with GIGABYTE’s Baseline profile that limits voltages, shows a considerable drop in performance in the test involving multiple cores in Cinebench. In the single-thread test, the loss was minimal, as it requires much less energy compared to multi-thread.

Additionally, there was a loss of performance in games as well. In Cyberpunk 2077, an average performance loss of 10% was recorded with drops reaching almost 20 FPS, depending on the resolution.

Strangely, the Uniko’s Hardware website uses a sample of the Core i9-13900KF, which is limited to 188w. Therefore, with a final SKU, more performance is expected as this processor can reach 253w with the limiting power profile.

In tests with an Intel Core i9-14900K on an ASUS motherboard carried out by HardwareLuxx, an average performance loss of almost 10% was recorded in relation to the standard configuration.

This is a problem that has existed for a long time, but gained the attention of users and manufacturers when several gamers began to report a gradual loss of performance. In other words, the longer you use the processor, the less performance it delivers, especially in games.

Even NVIDIA even pointed to Intel Core Raptor Lake CPUs as responsible for problems on gamers’ PCs with GeForce GPUs, exempting itself from any involvement in this situation.

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