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Taiwanese TSMC has started working on mass production of Intel’s next generation processors, the Lunar Lake chips – also known as Intel Core Ultra 200V. They are being manufactured using the 3nm EUV FinFET process – version N3B.

According to the Digitimes report, the CPU cores, integrated GPU, NPU, embedded memory and computational blocks are being produced in N3B. The SoC and I/O dies will have a different treatment and will be manufactured using the 6nm process.

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It is important to mention that, despite Intel having its own semiconductor production and advanced technology, the decision was to bring the “Lunar Lake” CPUs through TSMC. The reason for this was not disclosed, but it could be availability, costs and several other operational factors that required them to work together in this case.

However, it is notable that this is the first time in Intel’s entire history that the manufacturing of the set of components for its new processors is outsourced to an external corporation – which makes the situation even more curious.

Obviously, this will guarantee TSMC a large amount of additional money in revenues this year and 2025, boosting its positioning within the semiconductor industry and further expanding its market presence – which is no small feat, considering that it is one of the main semiconductor manufacturers on the planet.

TSMC 1.6 nm

The Intel Lunar Lake project in the hands of TSMC

Scheduled to be launched in 2024, the Intel Lunar Lake chips – Core Ultra 200V – are being produced by TSMC at full steam to compete with rival AMD, which will bring Ryzen AI 300 CPUs in July.

The Intel processor has a fourth generation NPU, achieving 48 TOPS of artificial intelligence performance. According to the manufacturer, there are four times more computational performance compared to previous chips – the Meteor Lake.

In addition, the project in the hands of TSMC will also bring Intel’s first Battlemage iGPU – the “Xe2”. According to data presented by the corporation, it has 50% greater performance than the integrated “Xe” GPU of Meteor Lake processors.

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