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Data presented by Display Supply Chain Consultants indicates that Huawei already has 25% global representation in the OLED tablet market – positioning itself in second place in the ranking, overtaking Samsung and approaching the leader: Apple.

The study points out that Samsung now continues with 17% of total sales around the world, while Apple continues to lead “handily” with its 47% market representation of device sales with an improved display.

Furthermore, Huawei’s arrival in second place is not the only surprise that this study presented. DSCC also revealed that sales of OLED tablets saw gigantic growth, with results 131% better than those assessed in the first quarter of 2023.


Whether the Chinese company will be able to overtake Apple is still uncertain, but it will have a lot of work to achieve this feat. Apple recently launched iPad Pro models equipped with M4 chips, using 11- and 13-inch displays, in 2024 and increasing this gap with those following behind.

Still, whether it is OLED tablet models or not, Huawei continues to exert a lot of influence within the Chinese market and continues to grow – not limited to just devices, as its smartphones also threaten the iPhone’s sales leadership.

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Estimates for Huawei and others

According to the DSCC, both Huawei, Microsoft and Samsung will see a jump in sales in the second quarter of 2024 – with estimates suggesting that they will remain in second place in sales.

However, they estimate that Apple could present a result 246% higher than Q1 2024 with the increase in sales of its latest models. It is expected to maintain market leadership with 72% of sales of models with OLED displays.

It is also pointed out that the 13-inch iPad Pro will be the best-selling model of this Q2 2024. In the first quarter, the tablet reached 1.72 million sales worldwide.


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