Truecaller is a company that has become well-known mainly because of its app of the same name that guarantees the identification and blocking of spam calls on smartphones. And now the application has a very interesting new feature.

In a recent new update in partnership with Microsoft, Truecaller will allow its users to create an artificial intelligence (AI) version of their own voices to answer calls, making the communication experience even more personalized and efficient.

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Truecaller AI assistant customization

The Truecaller app is already quite popular and has become a choice for many people to manage unwanted calls, especially for those who don’t trust or don’t like standard smartphone systems.

Now, the company is taking personalization to a new level. Through a partnership with Microsoft’s Azure AI Speech, users will be able to record their own voices in the app. The system will learn from these recorded clips to generate an AI version of the user’s voice to ensure an automated response that sounds familiar and personal.

Raphael Mimoun, product director and general manager at Truecaller, highlighted the importance of this innovation. “This revolutionary capability not only adds a touch of familiarity and comfort for users, but also showcases the power of AI in transforming the way we interact with our digital assistants,” he said in a company blog post.

It is worth noting, however, that the possibility of answering a call through Artificial Intelligence already existed in the application. This is because Truecaller’s AI Assistant feature was first introduced to the app in 2022. Since then, it has been filtering incoming calls and informing users of the reason for the call.

This allows customers to decide whether they want to answer the call or let the assistant do it for them. Although currently only available in a few countries, the company is committed to expanding this functionality to more regions.

What changes now is that before users had to choose between a predefined number of voices to represent them, and with the update it is possible to do this with their own voice. The idea behind this new feature is precisely to further personalize the service, increasing the feeling of familiarity and comfort during automated interactions.

Safety and ethics in the use of AI

During the Build conference, Microsoft introduced the Azure AI Speech personal voice feature, which allows people to record and replicate their voices. However, the use of this feature is limited to specific use cases, such as voice assistants, and requires strict security and ethical considerations.

Microsoft ensures that all voices generated by its personal voice technology are automatically watermarked, an essential security measure. Additionally, the company has established a strict code of conduct, requiring users to obtain full consent from the people whose voices are recorded and prohibiting any form of impersonation.

It’s not yet clear how the new personal voice functionality will compare to traditional voicemail messages. However, Truecaller’s introduction of this technology represents a significant advancement in the personalization and efficiency of digital communications.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, the ability to personalize automatic interactions with the familiarity of the user’s own voice is a remarkable example of how AI can transform our everyday experience. Still, the idea of ​​being able to replicate human voices with AI is still a subject that requires the utmost care and safety.

Fonte: The Verge


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