The gaming division of Microsoft has been the center of attention and generated a lot of debate in the world of technology and entertainment. With a series of controversial moves to say the least, the Redmond giant recently launched Xbox titles for other platforms, which represents a significant change in the way the company has been approaching the distribution of its games.

Additionally, there was considerable impact on the community with the closure of four subsidiary studios of Bethesda Softworks. Among the closed studios was the one responsible for developing the acclaimed Hi-Fi title RUSH.

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However, the most surprising thing is the rumor that circulates about the Microsoft’s ambitions to ally with or even acquire Valve Corporation. In the next paragraphs I give more details about this news.

Microsoft is considering making an offer to buy Valve

After controversial (and time-consuming) purchase of Activision Blizzarda transaction valued at several billion dollars, this potential new deal could significantly reshape the digital gaming market.

Steam, which is managed by Valve, dominates the digital storefront segment for PC games. The platform not only serves a vast library of titles, but has also begun an investment in portable consoles with the Steam Deck. Furthermore, Valve has globally recognized franchises, such as Portal and Left 4 Dead, which are loved by a legion of fans.

Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft appears to be determined to further expand its empire in the video game sector. According to speculation, the company may be preparing a tempting offer to buy Valve Corporation.

Dior, a well-respected figure in the gaming content creation space, particularly in the Counter-Strike community, comments that he has heard rumors that Microsoft could shell out around $16 billion to acquire Valve, an amount that would cover purchase also from the Steam Store.

Is it worth it for Valve?

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From Microsoft’s point of view, this acquisition would be extremely advantageous. In addition to marking a major advancement in the portable device market — where Valve has already established a notable presence with the Steam Deck — getting its hands on the Steam Store could substantially boost Microsoft’s PC game sales, consolidating its power in the market. digital.

However, for Valve and its co-founder and CEO, Gabe Newell, whose net worth exceeds $4 billion, selling the company may not be that attractive. The Steam Store, as a source of revenue that exceeds US$10 billion annually, and Valve’s own valuation of approximately US$8 billion, highlight the company’s financial health. From a financial point of view, Valve is doing very well, thank you! There is no reason to sell the company.

The origin of these rumors also suggests that Newell owns less than a quarter of the company. Therefore, unless he wishes to liquidate his stake to enjoy an even richer retirement, it seems unlikely that Valve will accept a proposal from Microsoft without further consideration.

However, it is worth noting that many Valve employees hold shares in the company; So, if Microsoft presents a truly generous proposal, the decision could end up in the hands of these shareholders.

We can only ask: Will Microsoft actually complete the purchase of Valve? This is a scenario full of possibilities and can really change the current gaming scene. In any case, even if there is an offer on the table, a supposed purchase of Valve by Microsoft could take much longer than the purchase of Activision Blizzard.

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