The manufacturer MSI impressed the market with the announcement of its newest graphics card, the robust RTX 4090 Suppress Fusion. This project presents a very high point, which is undoubtedly its advanced liquid cooling system. This feature is designed to improve and optimize GPU thermal dissipation.

Instead of following the standard path that we already know well, the MSI chose to integrate the radiator directly into the board structure, eliminating the need for an external component that could be an additional inconvenience for users. This means that traditional heatsinks have been replaced by this unprecedented solution.

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15% more efficient in cooling

Despite the radical changes to the cooling system, the card maintains two large fans at the top, very similar to those found on conventional versions of video cards.

Additionally, there is an air outlet on the radiator itself, in order to effectively cool the electronic components mounted on the PCB. The choice of copper for the composition of this dissipation system is strategic. Known for its superior thermal conductivity properties, copper significantly contributes to heat being removed from circuits more efficiently.

According to information provided by MSI itself, this RTX 4090 Suprim Fuzion demonstrates a thermal efficiency of around 15% larger than conventional model options that we currently find on the market. It is worth mentioning that this video card has a considerably large size, requiring almost five slots of space inside the case (4.5 to be precise).

MSI RTX 4090 Suprim Fuzion - a hybrid that comes too late |

You can already imagine the price of this beauty, right? The price will definitely be much higher than that of the normal RTX 4090. This is already too expensive in the standard version, imagine customized like this. Soon we will have more details and perhaps even surprises about the MSI RTX 4090 Supreme Fusion.

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