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A few months after Sony confirmed that it will adapt PSVR2 to work on PC, more information began to emerge about how this will happen. According to The Verge, the company will offer an adapter which will allow the device, previously exclusive to the PS5, to work on more machines.

The accessory was discovered by Brad Lynch, a virtual reality enthusiast, through investigation of authentication documents sent by the company’s Korean division. The product is described as the CPI-ZVP1 model and was certified by the Japanese company on March 27 this year.

In February this year, Sony stated that PSVR2 would gain official PC support in 2024, but has not provided further details on this since. The decision came after months of reports that the virtual reality device was not selling so well and after the company’s decision to close one of its main studios dedicated to the area.

PSVR 2 could explore new possibilities on PC

Asked about the discovery of the new accessory, so far the company that owns the PlayStation line has not made any official comment on the matter. However, given his past promises, It shouldn’t be long before the product is announced along with its PC headset launch plans.

Launched in 2023, the PSVR2 had prominent titles such as Horizon: Call of the Mountain, but ended up being restricted to a very specific niche of consumers. Its arrival in a more open environment should encourage the creation of more games, as well as experiments carried out by the modder community.

Some of its members even tried to convert the headset to PC on their own, but they judged the task almost impossible due to its complexity. We can only wait for Sony to provide more information about its plans and reveal which titles exclusive to the device will also gain some kind of conversion.

Fonte: The Verge

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