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Although it had success with the PSP, Sony hasn’t invested in a dedicated handheld since the Vita had disappointing sales. However, Russian journalist Anton Logvinov states that the company is keeping an eye on the segment and prepares new portable hardware capable of running PS4 games.

What might seem like just an unfounded rumor gains strength when we take Logvinov’s history into consideration. He was one of the first to claim that the Japanese company was preparing to bring games to the PC, long before this was actually announced as an integral part of its strategies.

According to the journalist, at least at first Sony’s new laptop would only run a limited selection of games. In this case, they would only be those that the company has already brought to the PC, which indicates that the new device may want to compete more with the Steam Deck than with the Nintendo Switch.

Sony would be facing resistance from retailers

Logvinov also states that, although Sony believes in the idea, it is not yet fully confirmed. This is because the company would be facing resistance from retailers, who would not be willing to place the device on their shelves faced with the possibility that it will be a failure.

Sony works on new laptop that runs PS4 games [RUMOR]
Photo: Disclosure/Sony

In its favor, the company has the fact that the PS Portal went through the same situation and proved to be an unexpected success, which usually sells out quickly in the United States. The Russian journalist is not the first to talk about the idea of ​​a new portable PlayStation: in February, Moore’s Law is Dead reported having heard similar information.

The new hardware could be based on a custom APU from AMD, which would be compatible with both PS4 and PS5 titles. While nothing has been confirmed by Sony at the moment, the great popularity of the Switch and Steam Deck could be a stimulus for it to decide to return to the market segment it decided to abandon in the past.

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