The latest iPad Pro, released by Apple at the beginning of this Mayits main difference is the debut of chip M4. The new processor developed by Maçã represents a qualitative leap in terms of performance and also energy efficiency. According to information released by the company itself, it is expected to be the most powerful chipset ever launched by the company. Apple.

To prove this statement, the YouTube channel Dame Tech dedicated itself to running a series of tests that demonstrated all the firepower of Apple’s new processor. The results of these tests are truly impressive: the M4 chip proved to be 92% more powerful than the A17 Prothe chip that powers the iPhone 15 Pro.

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113 FPS in Genshin Impact on maximum setting

Advancing in the tests carried out, it was observed that the new iPad Pro equipped with the M4 chip became the first device in its category to run the popular game Genshin Impact with fluidity above 100 FPS (frames per second).

To be precise, it reached the 113 FPS mark –— a very significant figure, especially when considering that this was maintained even after a thirty-minute gaming session, a period in which many devices tend to experience reduced performance due to heating.

It is important to highlight that this record was achieved with the game configured at maximum graphics quality settings and a high resolution of 1668p. This not only raises the bar compared to the 1638p offered by the previous model, the iPad Pro with M2 chip — which was already notorious for achieving 90 FPS in the same test scenario — but also establishes a new benchmark for future comparisons.

Such data indicate an increase in 26.22% in speed of the new iPad Pro equipped with the M4 chip when compared to its predecessor version. If we expand this comparative analysis, we identify that it is 92% more agile than the A17 Pro of the iPhone 15 Pro and surpasses the Apple M2 by no less than 45.49%.

Factors for the high performance of the M4 chip

One of the reasons for such performance and performance was the transition to 3-phase semiconductor technology. nanometers from TSMC used by Apple. But new manufacturing technology is not the only factor contributing to such performance.

Contributing to this result is the fine-tuning of the iPadOS operating system, optimized to make the most of the hardware, as well as the development of a new thermal dissipation system that incorporates copper behind the tablet.

Thanks to this implementation, the chip is maintained at an ideal temperature, approximately 39ºC, which is within a range considered normal and safe for devices of this nature.

Source: Wccftech


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