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Tests carried out by High Tech Point with the Snapdragon X Elite processor were disappointing in terms of its temperature. When analyzing an ASUS Vivobook S15, a Copilot+ PC, a high CPU temperature was noted even in lighter workloads and with different thermal pastes.

Seeing that the standard thermal paste wasn’t helping enough to keep the chip’s temperature lower, the analyst replaced it with liquid metal – but didn’t see any major improvements in performance. In Cinebench, the multithreaded test with the standard model reached 10,962 points while with liquid metal it obtained 11,344 points – just 3% more.

When observing its own temperature, the Snapdragon X Elite also did not see any major improvements with this switch to liquid metal. Of the 88ºC reached by the Vivobook S15’s thermal paste, changing it only served to drop it by 2 degrees – reaching 86ºC.

It is important to note that the ASUS notebook prioritizes its thin and light design, bringing a compact cooling system. Although we know that chips from Qualcomm, Intel, AMD and others get quite hot – especially at high performance – thermal paste is only a thermal conductor and does not work miracles.

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Still, the Vivobook S15 kept the Snapdragon X Elite processor operational and had no issues performing its functions as PC Copilot+. Plus, since the CPU was recently released, we may still see firmware updates that could improve its power consumption and temperature in the future.

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By using a liquid metal thermal paste on the Snapdragon X Elite CPU, the hope was that the temperature would drop significantly – considering the material’s high thermal conductivity.

Furthermore, modern processors have a feature that prevents changes in cooling from reducing the temperature, favoring an increase in clock speed – in general, when there is excess voltage, whether thermal or energy – making their performance greater whenever possible.

This explains why a lower temperature was able to bring more performance – even if it was just 3%.

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