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SK Hynix announced that its production of HBM3E memories is close to 80% and that it has achieved important results in optimization – managing to reduce large-scale manufacturing time by half.

The South Korean company’s executive vice president of production, Kwon Jae-soon, told the Financial Times that these achievements will further help in sending the next shipments.

We were able to cut the time required to mass produce HBM3E chips by 50%. They are very close to reaching the 80% mark of their total capacity

Kwon Jae-soon


It is important to note that SK Hynix’s largest commercial partner for HBM3E memories is NVIDIA – which will use the chips in its Hopper H200 AI GPUs and the next generation of professional cards, the “Blackwell” B200 AI.

Considering the latest information released by NVIDIA, this will be even more relevant for your business in the future. Not surprisingly, the revenue from its server division had a revenue ten times greater than that seen in gaming – dictating that they must pay even more attention to data centers in the coming months.

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SK Hynix wants to maintain leadership

It is important to mention that this is the first time that SK Hynix has revealed new information about the production of HBM3E memories since its announcement. Industry estimates suggested that they were between 60% and 70%, so the data presented shows that they are actually a step ahead of what was predicted.

Kwon Jae-soon reveals what the manufacturer will work on as a priority during 2024 and what vision they follow within the production of these memories.

Our goal this year is to focus on producing eight-layer HBM3E memories. In the age of artificial intelligence, optimizing production becomes even more essential to stay ahead

Kwon Jae-soon

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