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AMD may have changed the name of its upcoming CPUs again, now working under the “Ryzen AI 300” title for the new lineup.

A few weeks ago, we reported that ASUS accidentally announced a change in the nomenclature of the “Strix Point” processors, which would hit the market as “Ryzen AI 100” – matching what Intel did with the Core Ultra. However, plans changed to bring a new idea to consumers.

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According to the Chinese leaker “Golden Pig Upgrade”, AMD’s intention with the Ryzen AI 300 is for the numbers of its SKUs to be “higher” than those presented by Intel in its next processors. He refers to the Lunar Lake line, which will arrive as the Intel Core Ultra 200 – with both arriving in the second half of 2024.

From a marketing point of view, Dr. Lisa Su’s corporation assessed that “Ryzen AI 100” did not sound competitive against the upcoming Intel Core Ultra 200 – once again modifying the name so that the consumer is misled into believing that its chips will be “ahead”.

It is worth noting that this is the third change made to the name of AMD Strix Point CPUs. Initially the processors were called “Ryzen 8000”, then it was changed to “Ryzen 9000”, ASUS brought the “Ryzen AI 100” and now we have the Ryzen AI 300 coming. Computex 2024 is still two weeks away, so it’s possible that more changes will emerge.


The composition of AMD Ryzen AI 300 CPUs

AMD’s new CPUs, possibly called Ryzen AI 300, will be produced with Zen 5 architecture and will have RDNA 3.5 integrated graphics. ASUS listed a model with 12 cores – previously the Ryzen AI 9 HX 170 (possibly 370 now), but rumors also reported that there is a version with 10 cores.

There are exactly 10 days left until the presentation by AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, at the opening of Computex 2024 – with processors gaining a prominent place within the event. In other words, the name must be definitively closed by then and properly presented to the public.

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