Going against the positioning of AliExpresswhich, in a note sent to the Hardware.com.brdeclared that the end of the exemption could have a very negative impact on the Brazilian population, Shopee said the measure will not impact consumers who buy from national retailers, which represents 90% of its sales in Brazil.

The positioning of AliExpress and Shopee are amid developments regarding decision of the Chamber of Deputies approving the end of the exemption for international purchases of up to US$50, establishing a rate of 20%. The text will go to the Senate and still depends on President Lula’s sanction.

Shopee believes that the end of the exemption will bring benefits to national retail

In addition to adopting a speech in favor of ending the exemption, considering the low impact this could have on its sales, Shopee also declared that it wants to help to increasingly develop Brazilian entrepreneurship and the e-commerce ecosystem in the country. “We believe that the initiative will bring many benefits to the marketplace.”

Shein sees the end of the exemption as a historic setback

The Chinese company Shein follows the same line as what was said by AliExpress, reinforcing how harmful the decision, if converted into law, could be for the consumer.

The store says that. If the exemption ends, the tax burden that will fall on the consumer will be 44.5%. With the exemption, it remained at around 20.82%, due to the ICMS charge of 17%. As the store highlights, a dress that Brazilian consumers paid R$81.99 on the website will now cost more than R$98.

The company also called the end of the tax regime that for more than 40 years guaranteed exemption from import tax for international purchases of up to US$50 a setback.

Deputy rapporteur Átila Lira (PP-PI) says that the tax exemption has worried national industry and retail, and has put jobs and several enterprises in the country at risk.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/shopee-diz-que-taxacao-20-nao-causara-grande-impacto.html

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