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Manufacturer Sunfounder is producing a new mini case for the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring that the device looks more than stylish in your setup. The Pironman 5 contains everything that the gaming public likes most: LEDs, SSD support and a side panel made from acrylic – just like most current PCs.

The Pironman 5 model is made to resemble other desktops, produced with aluminum and with the possibility of you seeing the hardware inside – thanks to the acrylic panel. Sunfounder claims that the RGB lighting is made up of four WS2812 LEDs that are individually located in spots to highlight its components.

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Additionally, the Raspberry Pi 5 case also has an OLED display on its front – showing real-time information such as the CPU temperature and even showing the IP address. However, the manufacturer states that the user can program it to show other things of their choice.

For storage, the Pironman 5 has a support that has space for SSDs of up to four different sizes: M.2 2230; M.2 2242; M.2 2260 or M.2 2280. Additionally, it also has two RGB fans that can be operated using GPIO to contain the heat generated by the device.

According to Sunfounder, the Pironman 5 case for Raspberry Pi 5 also supports a “tower” cooler to be used on its processor. The model is now available for sale and has a suggested price of $79.99.


Raspberry Pi 5 case features

Sunfounder also guarantees that the Raspberry Pi 5 case can also be controlled from the outside. The GPIO, for example, can be accessed externally using an extender. The on/off button is also accessible thanks to the classic external button.

On the back, it has an opening for you to use connectivity with two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI ports, an input for an Ethernet cable and also for the USB-C charger – in addition to the grids for the fans.


If you want to use the Pironman 5 as a media player, that is also possible – as it has a built-in infrared receiver, which can be used to remotely control the Raspberry Pi 5 and play videos or streaming.

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