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A Microsoft and leading global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) announced a new generation of PCs powered by the Snapdragon X Elite e Snapdragon X Plus and Qualcomm Technologies. These are the only devices capable of bringing Copilot+ experiences to life, Microsoft’s new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that revolutionizes the way users interact with their PCs.

The leading AI technology and performance efficiency of Snapdragon X Series platforms will power this innovative new category of PCs. Copilot+ transforms the personal computing experience, enabling users to be more productive, creative and connected.

Qualcomm promises performance leadership in Windows

Qualcomm Technologies is renewing performance leadership for the Windows PC ecosystem with its leading NPU powered by the Snapdragon X Elite, which delivers the highest NPU performance per watt for laptops.

Microsoft wants to move 10% of its team from China to allied countries

With the integrated Qualcomm Hexagon NPU architecture, it can deliver up to 24 TOPS/watt peak performance in use cases like Super Resolution, and with the Qualcomm Oryon CPU, the Snapdragon X Elite leads in performance per watt, matching peak CPU performance of the competition’s PC with 60% less energy.

New Copilot+ PCs powered by Snapdragon X Series

  1. Acer Swift 14 AI: Delivers new AI experiences to support everyday computing tasks, combining Snapdragon X Series platforms, Copilot+ features in Windows 11, and solutions like Acer PurifiedView 2.0 and Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0.
  2. ASUS Vivobook S 15: Incorporates Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus, delivering unprecedented AI power and efficiency. With 45 integrated NPU TOPS and a 45W TDP, supported by ASUS IceCool Thermal technology, it delivers lightning-fast on-device AI processing.
  3. Dell XPS 13, Inspiron 14 Plus, Inspiron 14, Latitude 7455 e Latitude 5455: Five new notebooks powered by Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus, delivering exceptional AI speed, performance and breakthrough battery life to elevate computing and simplify tasks.
  4. HP OmniBook X AI and HP EliteBook Ultra AI: Next-generation AI PCs designed around the Snapdragon X Elite processor and its dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU), capable of 45 trillion operations per second (TOPS), to run language models and generative AI locally on the device.
  5. Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x e Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 6: Lenovo’s first AI PCs powered by Snapdragon X Elite, delivering superior PC performance per watt and fast NPU-based AI processing up to 45 TOPS.
  6. Microsoft Surface Laptop e Surface Pro: Surface Laptop is the fastest, smartest Surface notebook, now in an updated, modern design with slim bezels, a bright, touchscreen display, AI-enhanced camera, and a haptic touchpad. Surface Pro is the most flexible 2-in-1 laptop, now reimagined with more speed and battery life. Both are powered by Snapdragon X Elite and Snapdragon X Plus processors.
  7. Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge: Equipped with cutting-edge hybrid AI integrations and the fastest and most powerful Snapdragon X Elite for notebooks backed by 45 TOPS NPU computing power. With 14-inch and 16-inch Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen size options, it delivers new levels of creativity and productivity.

Source: Qualcomm

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