Just yesterday I published an article saying that companies are going too far with this business of artificial intelligence. Okay, it’s a useful and impressive technology, but not even Ctrl+V escaped this fever. There was a company putting AI even into a mouse! Now it’s time for thermal pastes. Yes, that’s exactly what you read… ter-mi-ca paste!

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CryoFuze 5 thermal paste

A Cooler Master decided to surf this wave with the launch of the line CryoFuze 5 of thermal pastes.

CryoFuze 5 thermal paste was designed to promote high thermal conductivity, an absolutely crucial aspect when talking about high-end processors. These components are becoming increasingly powerful and, as a consequence, generate a significant amount of heat during operation. Proper management of this heat is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of the hardware.

To meet this demand, CryoFuze 5 turns to nanotechnology. The effectiveness of this product can be illustrated by its impressive thermal conductivity coefficient of 12.6 W/mk. Compared to other substances available on the market, this value can be considered quite high.

In addition to superior performance, the company also developed the product in a palette of six colors: black, white, green, yellow, blue and red. The use of additives such as zinc oxide and aluminum powder contributes to the creation of these tones. However, this doesn’t make much sense, since after you place the processor cooler on top, the thermal paste is hidden. Go figure…

And where does artificial intelligence come in?

CryoFuze 5 could be ideal for overclocked machines (Image: Cooler Master/Disclosure)

As for the reference to artificial intelligence, it is nothing more than pure marketing. The reference to AI is nothing more than an advertising ploy to attract attention, as the official Cooler Master website does not offer any details that indicate AI functions in CryoFuze 5.

However, the mention of AI could be interpreted as an indication that the thermal paste is ready to handle Arrow Lake processors from Intel e Ryzen 9000 yes AMDwhich will incorporate advanced features to take advantage of AI algorithms.

In other words, this new thermal paste from Cooler Master may be good, but the idea of ​​putting AI in the mix was a pretty low blow.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/2024-05/pasta-termica-com-ia.html

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