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A GeIL will announce at Computex 2024 its new CAMM2 and DDR5 memories of the series EVO V e TUF GAMING ALLIANCE MEMORY.

These lines feature an active double cooling system, which should guarantee stability and better performance, according to the brand.

CAMM2 and DDR5 memories from GeIL

GeIL’s TUF GAMING ALLIANCE MEMORY series features the Active Dual Fan Cooling System design, which helps with heat dissipation. According to information from the brand, its improved cooling efficiency guarantees optimal stability and performance in the most demanding conditions. To provide users with a variety of product choices, GeIL TUF GAMING ALLIANCE MEMORY also offers a fanless RGB SKU. Both models will be demonstrated at the GeIL booth at Computex 2024.


The CUDIMM and CSODIMM products incorporate the CKD (Client Clock Driver) chip, which should reduce signal degradation and noise to improve stability and reliability. The memories support the next-generation DDR5 platform, with GeIL introducing DDR5 6400 MT/s products to the market for the first time and expanding to high-speed overclocking SKUs by the end of this year.

GeIL’s CAMM2 and LPCAMM2 modules are designed to meet the needs of next-generation compact, high-performance computing devices with greater efficiency and more flexible design. GeIL’s CAMM2 modules provide faster processing speeds and greater memory capacity for better performance and stability.

Mini-PCs with limited space and high-end laptops, which require large memory capacity as well as high memory bandwidth, can benefit from CAMM2’s improved efficiency, powerful performance, and compact size.

All the innovations implemented by the company in its memories and which will be presented during Computex 2024 are designed to meet the demand of the server AI PC market.

Tasks for AI PCs, such as data processing and analysis, model training, parallel computing, and real-time processing, are memory-intensive applications that require large memory capacity for storage and quick access. The company believes it can meet this demand, with its 2x32GB gaming memory kit and 4x 32GB/8x32GB registered DIMMs that it says are ideal for advancing the areas of AI PCs and server applications.

We emphasize that the information above was provided by GeIL, so it has not yet been possible to carry out tests with these memories.


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