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One of the leading memory and storage companies, Samsung announced this week the launch of its newest SSD, the PM1743. The device has an impressive capacity of 61.44 terabytes (TB). The company emphasizes that the product is primarily aimed at the enterprise market.

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Previously, the maximum capacity of the brand’s SSDs was 32TB. With this launch, Samsung not only doubles its previous offering, but also puts itself ahead in the competitive SSD market, rivaling similar products from Solidigm and Western Digital, both also in the 60TB range.

The PM1743 utilizes Samsung’s 7th-generation 176-layer V-NAND memory technology and a proprietary controller. It delivers sequential read speeds of up to 7.2 gigabytes per second and sequential write speeds of up to 2.0 GBps. Additionally, the device achieves 1,600,000 random read operations and 110,000 random write operations per second.

Photo: Disclosure/Samsung

Durability and possible price attract attention

One of the highlights of the device is its durability, guaranteed by Samsung at 0.26 drive writes per day over five years. This indicates the SSD’s ability to support a substantial volume of data written daily over the specified period.

The PM1743 will be available in two server form factors: U.2 and PCIe 4.0 x4. An additional version will be available in the E3.S form factor, which is compatible with the PCIe 5.0 x4 interface, suitable for high-density storage machines.

Samsung has yet to release pricing and power consumption figures for the new SSD. Market reports suggest that similar units cost around $7,000, or around R$38,000 at current exchange rates.

Source: SamMobile

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