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Samsung is just waiting for NVIDIA’s green light to start mass production of its HBM3E memories, with its development reaching the PRA (Production Readiness Approval) stage. It is necessary for key customers to confirm their orders, allowing them to have enough to meet demand.

Initially, NVIDIA itself pointed out that the manufacturer’s HBM3E memories were not suitable for use in its artificial intelligence. However, as they were “sample” versions, they allowed adjustments to be made to achieve the results that its customers expected.

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Although Jensen Huang and NVIDIA have not yet approved the latest results, Korean websites such as New Daily and Hankyung point out that Samsung is already ready to start manufacturing HBM3E memories and later make them available on the market.

It’s important to note that it’s not the only one in this race, with SK Hynix leading the way and Micron following suit – getting closer and closer. The qualifying stage is essential, as it will allow manufacturers like NVIDIA and AMD to close the first contracts if their performance proves adequate.

Despite reports that Samsung is ready to begin mass production of HBM3E memories, there is still no forecast for its start – although the company has already shared its estimated start date for this third quarter of 2024.


Although confirmations are still pending, both from Samsung and NVIDIA, it was reported that the Korean company has already resolved the “heat production” problem of its HBM3E memories – the main obstacle to approval by Jensen Huang’s corporation.

And so we arrive at a critical point for the entire industry: while Samsung needs its memory division to make significant progress in order to thrive, NVIDIA has to rely on additional suppliers to meet the demand for “Blackwell” accelerators and GPUs.

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Even if SK Hynix takes the lead, unconfirmed reports suggest that Samsung has a larger HBM3E production capacity – which would ensure everyone involved has a supply in the coming months.


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