Reaffirming a position that is as famous as its own games, Nintendo once again touched on the issue of copyright protection for its works. During a meeting with shareholders, Shuntaro Furukawa, president of the company, stated that “appropriate action” will be taken against inappropriate use of their intellectual property.

The executive said the company will continue to strive to ensure that its consumers do not feel uncomfortable, not only in games, but also anywhere they come into contact with its IPs.

Combating Brand Damage

In this sense, it encompasses not only actions against those who practice piracy in relation to Nintendo products, but also actions that may cause “damage to the brand”, such as the use of characters in an unauthorized manner.

Among the most recent actions in protecting its products, Nintendo managed to take down Yuzu, famous emulator for Nintendo Switch, and also directly sue two people who ran online stores selling pirated products.


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