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The Ryzen AI 300 CPUs are AMD’s next step towards artificial intelligence, with the promise of taking its processors to a new level and integrating them into consumers’ daily lives with this technology. However, the public will have to wait a while if they want to see them running Copilot+ on Windows 11.

According to AMD’s senior vice president and head of marketing, John Taylor, Microsoft certification for the hardware will only arrive at the end of 2024. On his LinkedIn, he states that the features will arrive via Windows Update.

Going back to our time with Microsoft at Computex Taipei, I can’t wait for the availability of our Copilot+ Ready Ryzen AI 300 computers. We are aiming for Copilot+ experiences on AMD systems to be enabled later this year through a free update via Windows Update


This means that AMD Ryzen AI 300 CPUs will not have features such as Paint Cocreator, Windows Studios Effects and Real-Time Translation with Simultaneous Subtitles at launch – in July. To date, the only hardware certified by Microsoft for its use are Snapdragon X Elite processors.

Meanwhile, one of Copilot+’s biggest flagships on Windows 11, the Recall feature, has had its launch delayed. There is no scheduled date for the feature to reach even members of the Windows Insiders community, after some controversy over security and the use of information obtained by your PC’s artificial intelligence.

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As CPUs AMD Ryzen AI 300 no mercado

As mentioned above, AMD intends to launch its Ryzen AI 300 processors this July on a series of devices. The line previously known as “Strix Point” has already had some of its products revealed in the past – such as the new ASUS notebooks.

Produced in Zen5 architecture, they feature chips with up to 12 cores and 24 threads – with RDNA 3.5 graphics and an NPU that reaches 50 TOPS, a little more than what was revealed in the next Intel Lunar Lake processors.

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