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A new information leak has revealed significant details about AMD’s next-generation RDNA5 graphics architecture. According to leaker wjm47196, who has already corrected other rumors in the past, AMD is developing an innovative architecture for its future GPUs.

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AMD initially planned to release the RDNA4 architecture, which would power the rumored Radeon RX 8000 series. However, this architecture now appears to be a minor update, described as a bug fix for RDNA3, offering similar performance to the Radeon RX 7900 XT, with improvements to ray tracing.

AMD’s main focus is on RDNA5, which promises to be an entirely new design, similar to what was seen with the introduction of the Zen architecture in 2017. This new design, potentially under an as-yet-unconfirmed new name, aims to overcome limitations observed in RDNA3.

The insider revealed that the old graphic architecture ended up not being able to stand out that much. This is because RDNA 3 did not meet performance expectations and faced energy efficiency and cost issues.

Additional details mention that RDNA5 was mentioned in Microsoft documents related to the Xbox console, scheduled to be released in fiscal year 2028. Therefore, the information ended up suggesting significant integration into future gaming platforms.

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AMD changes and launch forecast

Additionally, there are rumors that AMD may change the naming of its Radeon RX GPUs. In this way, it will possibly adopt a format similar to that used in the Ryzen AI 100 series, which is scheduled to be launched soon with the Strix Point series of APUs.

There is also information that a team formerly from Xilinx, acquired by AMD, is working on new AI software for the ROCm (Radeon Open Compute Platform) platform. Interestingly, one of the RDNA4 GPUs, the Navi 48, has already been mentioned in leaks related to ROCm updates.

While there is no firm release date yet for the RDNA5-powered desktop and mobile GPUs, expectations are that they will not launch before late 2025 or early 2026.

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