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ASUS attempted to charge a customer in Canada CAD$3,700 for an RTX 4090 ROG Strix White OC GPU, which cost CAD$2,800 (Canadian dollars). All this because the ASUS GPU had a problem with a small plastic part. Disgusted, the user seeks to receive all his money back.

According to Mulgoki, in a long post on Reddit, upon purchasing the ASUS Geforce RTX 4090 ROG STRIX White OC in Canada, he noticed that the plastic part of the power connector was defective. The user contacted ASUS Return Service and, to his surprise, the company tried to charge 3,758 Canadian dollars for the repair service.

It’s quite absurd to see ASUS charging the equivalent of R$13,000 to repair the plastic on your GPU’s power connector – as you can see in the featured image of the news. In conversations with SAC (Consumer Service), the user identified as Mulgoki demanded a refund for the purchase.

Although, At first, ASUS refused to accept the refund for the GPU with a defect in the plastic part. Then, Mulgoki told his story on Reddit’s r/pcmasterrace and the company began receiving numerous complaints.

At first, ASUS claimed that the Defect in the GPU’s plastic skin was not covered by the warranty. “We understand your concern. However, please be aware that damage affects the functionality of the unit and this is not covered under our standard warranty“, commented Amelia M from ASUS customer service.

Interestingly, they offered a 30% off coupon, if the user wanted to buy a new ASUS GPU. Which is hilarious, considering the high price of the hardware.

ASUS 4090 RTX plastic part
CREDITS: ASUS/ROG/Reproduction

Dissatisfied, Mulgoki contacted the ASUS CEO’s office and managed to communicate his case to management. Luckily, he received a satisfactory response and should get his money back for his CAD$3,700 purchase of the ASUS GPU with the defective plastic connector.

The CEO’s office called the next morning and I was assigned another supervisor to handle the case. He requested new GPU or refund. Since they didn’t have any GPU in stock, they offered to repurchase the GPU at full price including tax. Currently waiting for the check, a period they said is 1 to 2 weeks. To be honest, the new supervisor made all the difference by being very attentive.

Mulgoki on case update

According to him, as ASUS in Canada does not have another ASUS GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Strix White OC GPU in stock, they offered to reimburse the purchase. “Currently waiting for the check, a period they said is 1 to 2 weeks. To be honest, the new supervisor made all the difference by being very attentive“, commented Mulgoki.

As we can see, it was worth it for the user not to give up on refunding their product. It’s quite absurd to see ASUS trying to charge a price higher than the value of the GPU itself, because of a problem with a plastic part. Of course, the small component is one of the cheapest parts of the entire hardware.

In any case, the case serves as a lesson to keep an eye on and not stop pursuing consumer rights. Luckily, Reddit user Mulgoki will be able to get his CAD$3,700 (R$13,000 in direct conversion) back. It remains to be seen whether he will risk buying a new ASUS GPU.

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