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Qualcomm announced, this Wednesday (15), that it will provide Linux support on the Snapdragon X Elite. According to the company, the SoC already has all the fundamentals working on Linux, but there is still a lot of optimization work ahead.

This is nothing new coming from Qualcomm, which usually supports the Linux operating system – even with its measly 3% market share. The Snapdragon X Elite supporting Linux is just maintaining the company’s standard.

Typically, Linux support arrives a few days after the official chipset launch. As Qualcomm confirmed that the foundations of Linux support on the Snapdragon X Elite are already in place, the same should happen at the launch of the new Snapdragon.

According to Qualcomm itself, most of the Snapdragon X Elite functions already run on Linux – specifically on Linux version 6.9. In fact, the company confirmed that it is possible to run Windows and Linux OSes simultaneously on the machine with the X Elite.

Even so, the company reports working on battery support, DisplayPort connectivity, Rest Mode, Camera and video support, in addition to improving the CPU frequency. As we can see, there is still a lot of work until complete integration between the operating system and SoC.

Snapdragon X Elite no Linux
Credits: Qualcomm

On the other hand, in the case of M1, M2, M3 and even Apple M4 processors, Linux support is up to the community. Linux enthusiasts are expected to work on M4 support, but unfortunately Apple doesn’t usually move to help users.

Therefore, Qualcomm’s announcement is interesting. With Linux receiving support directly at the launch of the Snapdragon X Elite, users of the operating system can take advantage of the SoC more quickly.

The Snapdragon X Elite promises a lot of performance and MediaTek and NVIDIA are developing a competitor to the Snapdragon X Elite. The new SoC promises to be 50% faster than Intel Meteor Lake, if Qualcomm is not manipulating the benchmark.

Even so, if you are a Linux user you can rest assured that Qualcomm’s new SoC, the Snapdragon X Elite, will support the operating system that has a curious penguin as its mascot.

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