Journalist Jez Corden, from Windows Central, published an article in which he explained his vision of the panorama of some strategies that Microsoft has been adopting for short-term money, but at the same time, it also represents long-term damage to important products, such as Windows, Surface, and even Xbox.

Profit above loyal customers

Corden points out that the company managed by Satya Nadella has been adopting a series of decisions aimed at increasing profitability that have become problematic for the company. Panorama that is not something of the moment. Corden recalls decisions from the company’s past, such as the death of Windows Phone, leaving Google and Apple to command the mobile market on a platter. Bill Gates himself admitted in an interview that losing the battle for Android was his biggest management mistake at Microsoft.

Corden makes a mea culpa and assumes that he saw at Microsoft, based on Nadella’s old speeches, a company that could be a large corporation that invests first in social responsibilities, employees and customer satisfaction. “I regret my naivety, more importantly, I regret the customers, partners and employees that Microsoft treats as an afterthought. Microsoft is now a shortsighted company, where it seems that every move is centered on the pursuit of profit, says the journalist.

The mischaracterization of the Xbox

In the article, Corden classifies the ads in the Windows 11 start menu as pure insanity, and says that the company’s current strategy with the Xbox will cause irreparable damage.

“There is some console war tribalism in certain corners, but there are many legitimate reasons to be concerned about this if you are a current Xbox customer. It stands to reason that moving your exclusive games like Halo, Gears or Forza to PlayStation eliminates the reason to buy an Xbox console. If you eliminate the reasons to buy an Xbox console, you’re once again handing over the keys to your future to other platforms, a problem Microsoft now has with Google and Apple.

With this strategy in place, Corden says that Xbox can become just a publisher, entirely that. “Something that impacts identity. But maybe that’s the idea, he adds.”

According to the perspective defended by Corden, Microsoft is completely risking the trust of a public that has managed to position the Xbox in the market over the years. The journalist also emphasizes that there is internal discomfort. One wing of the company is reticent to certain strategies, but if it depends on Nadella, the path is already defined.

“We will bring great games to more people on more devices,” Nadella’s statement in April, celebrating the good financial results of bringing Xbox games to the PlayStation.

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