O headset Pulse Elite is now available at the main retailers in Brazil. The phone, which had its launch confirmed for the national market in March, has now arrived for the suggested price of R$ 999.90.

One of the accessory’s biggest differences is the magnetic planar speaker technology, the same found in professional studios, which allows users to hear the sounds of games exactly the way the developers intended. When these speakers are used in conjunction with PlayStation Link, it provides the necessary precision of sounds without loss, distortion or delay. The feature further enhances the PS5 console’s Tempest 3D AudioTech.. highlights Sony in a note.

The Pulse Elite is connected to the PS5 via the PlayStation Link USB adapter. After configuring the first settings, you can change them at any time, whenever the headset is connected.

The Pulse Elite wireless headset has a retractable and adjustable microphone and features PlayStation Shapes in its design. Like the Pulse Explore headset, the Elite features the Noise Cancellation feature enhanced by artificial intelligence.

“Through numerous tests, it was possible to see that players can hear clearly and without noise even in the midst of considerably noisy everyday activities, such as vacuuming, turning on a fan or opening the window in front of traffic”explains Sony.

On a single charge, the Pulse Elite promises up to 30 hours of use. Inside the Pulse Elite wireless headset box, the user will also find a support for charging the headset, with its respective power cable. The item can be attached to different environments, such as desks, tables and walls.

Price and availability

The Pulse Elite is available in Brazil for the same price as the pre-sale period: R$999.90.

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/pulse-elite-ja-esta-disponivel-no-brasil-por-r-990-90.html

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