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Known for bringing various products and accessories with RGB lighting systems controlled by iCue software, Corsair has expanded its domain a little into the field of motherboards. The company announced that made a deal with Gigabyte to ensure that the software will be compatible with competitor brand products.

With this, iCue will be compatible with motherboards produced by Gigabyte, ASUS and MSI, making the software one of the most dominant forces in the segment. With this, the components will be able to have their lighting combined more easily with mice, coolers and other Corsair products.

However, the companies make it clear that you will still need to have Gigabyte Control Center installed to take advantage of the new partnership. He will be responsible for communicating between products from different brands, ensuring uniformity of intensity and RGB lighting patterns.

Corsair and Gigabyte will work together

The partnership also provides that the Gigabyte Control Center will also allow controlling the RGB of other components compatible with the iCue. However, the solution prepared by the company will not bring all the flexibility that the software developed by Corsair itself offers its users.

Corsair and Gigabyte agree to bring RGB controllers to motherboards
Photo: Disclosure/Gigabyte

In other words, while manufacturers’ products will have more integration, There still won’t be a single software capable of working entirely with all of them. However, the partnership can still be considered a victory for Corsair, which has been able to expand the integration of its lighting capabilities into products from several competitors.

In the recent past, it has already extended RGB control support via iCue to devices from MSI, Philips Hue, Nanoleaf and Govee. Following the company, its new partnership with Gigabyte will begin to bear fruit in June this year, although a list of compatible products has not yet been released.

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