A Sony announced a new update for its PlayStation Portalbringing features that users have been asking for for some time.

Since its launch in late 2023, Sony has continued to release frequent firmware to improve the general condition of PS Portal. Now, that will continue with this new patch, which could be the most notable yet for the PS5 accessory.

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New PlayStation Portal Features

The update was released last Wednesday, June 19, and brought three main new features to PlayStation Portal. The first will allow users connect more easily to public Wi-Fi networks by including a login screen.

Previously this was a difficult task, PS Portal will now display a QR code that can be scanned by a mobile device to complete the verification process and connect the device to Wi-Fi. Many Portal users wanted this functionality, especially those who travel frequently.

The other new features for PlayStation Portal arrive to improve the user experience a little more. After this patch, the Portal’s on-screen touchpad, which is intended to serve as the DualSense’s touchpad, will be more responsive and give users improved feedback based on their movements. Additionally, Portal battery levels can now appear in the top right corner of the device when you enable the feature in the Settings menu.

Overall, these new options in PlayStation Portal won’t drastically change how the hardware operates. Still, it’s great to see that Sony is clearly listening to fan feedback and is looking to make changes to the platform where necessary. Whether or not there were additional adjustments to PS Portal with this update remains to be seen.

What are your thoughts on this new update for PlayStation Portal? And are there any other features you’d like to see added to the streaming device in the coming weeks or months?

Source: https://www.hardware.com.br/noticias/playstation-portal-atualizacao.html

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