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Last quarter, NVIDIA shipped 7.7 million GPUs to its AIB (add-in-board) partners – representing a massive 88% share of the market.

In comparative terms, AMD managed to ship only 1 million AIB graphics cards during the period and captured the amount of 12%. The number represents a drop, since in the previous quarter it sent 1.8 million. Intel reached the lowest point with its Arc, with estimated sales of 50 thousand units and has 0% representation.

Credits: Jon Peddie Research

The research was carried out by Jon Peddie Research and involves discrete desktop GPUs, which encompasses the gaming and workstation graphics card scenario. Unlike the others, NVIDIA is the only one that sees an increase in shipments – approximately 100 thousand units per quarter.

3DCenter released an infographic that shows both NVIDIA and AMD over the last 22 years – since the time of GeForce FX and Radeon 9000 GPUs. It is notable that Jensen Huang’s company continues to increase its numbers in the AIB market, taking the ahead and increasingly distancing itself from its rivals.

Credits: 3DCenter

As you can see above, it is no surprise that NVIDIA managed to overtake Apple on the stock market and become the second most valuable company in the tech industry. In addition to excelling at Computex 2024 and its efforts related to artificial intelligence, it has also remained a leader among its commercial partners.

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Expectations about NVIDIA, AMD and Intel

According to Jon Peddie, the GPU industry is hoping for a return to shipping seasonality – which was shaken in the 2008 economic crisis, the rise of the crypto market, during the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

However, apart from NVIDIA intending to bring “Blackwell” GeForce RTX 50 GPUs soon, neither AMD nor Intel have presented “high-end” projects that will be launched on the desktop market. Both are focused on bringing integrated graphics to their next CPU lines and with new entries possibly in 2025.

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