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Home PC and notebook sales saw a 3.4% increase in the second quarter of 2024, with 62.8 million units being shipped to the market during the period. The percentage is an annual increase, compared to sales in the same period in 2023.

The information was gathered by the research institute Canalys, revealing that of this amount we had 50 million notebook sales (an increase of 4% compared to Q2 2023) and 12.8 million desktop sales (an increase of 1%).

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During this period, Lenovo secured first place in the PC sales ranking – with 14 thousand shipments. HP came in 2nd place with 13 thousand shipments, Dell in 3rd place with 10 thousand and Apple came in fourth place – with 5 million, an increase of 6%.

However, the biggest surprise in this table was ASUS. Despite being in fifth place, it had the biggest increase in annual sales. If in Q2 2023 it had only 3.8 million units sold, in this Q2 2024 it presented 4.5 million – a significant annual increase of 17.3%. See the full table below:

Manufacturer Q2 2024 Shipments (millions) Market Q2 2024 Q2 2023 Shipments (millions) Market Q2 2023 (%) Annual growth
Lenovo 14.724 23,4% 14.230 23,4% 3,5%
HP 13.681 21,8% 13.444 22,1% 1,8%
Dell 10.078 16% 10.329 17% -2,4%
Apple 5.510 8,8% 5.198 8,6% 6%
ASUS 4.535 7,2% 3.865 6,4% 17,03%
Others 14.280 22,7% 60.736 22,5% 4,5%
Lenovo LPCAMM2

The search for PCs from now on

Canalys also points out that Microsoft will play a big role in driving PC sales in the coming months. With Windows 10 support discontinued, many will be looking to replace their PCs to migrate to Windows 11 – which could also be boosted by the recent launch of Copilot+ PCs.

Intel is also looking to use AI to further expand its audience, announcing “Apple Intelligence” – which will run on all Macs since the M1, ensuring that it will see a portion of the audience adopt its devices as they transition to a new home computer.

Fonte: Canalys

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