Last month, we brought you an analysis that a journalist did on a German website reporting on his experience of leaving Windows and migrating to Linux. After testing several distros, he managed to adapt well to EndeavorOSand said he no longer wants to return to the Microsoft system. Today we are going to another report in this sense, but with the protagonists Windows and the MacOSthe two computer systems with the largest market share percentages.

The report is from journalist Antonio Vallejo, from the Spanish website GenBeta. He describes his perception of this transition as a bit strange, as he never imagined that he would ever say that a system other than Windows could occupy the position of his favorite OS. “I never thought I would have to write about something like this, but here I am anyway. Not for nothing, but because I have been a Windows user for as long as I can remember and a large part of that blame lies in my love for games, as it is the most reliable operating system and compatible with most titles on the market.”

He says he has no regrets about this change, and that it was like taking a step into an unknown world. To explore this world of the Apple ecosystem, he acquired the MacBook Air com chip M.2. Vallejo describes the device as lightweight, with great battery life, efficient and more than enough for everything he will do with it. He also praised the device’s keyboard and trackpad.

MacBook Air M2 purchased by journalist

Like many people, he kept the duality of having a Windows PC for gaming and the MacBook as his work platform. Due to the countless hours dedicated to the job, the use of the Apple system will overlap with the contact with the Microsoft system.

“I tend to be very open-minded when it comes to using any type of device or system. Although I have been using Android for years, I have also had an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 5, as well as my indestructible iPad Air, which I still use today.”he reports.

He states that he has also had contact with several Linux distributions, but on computers he has always opted for Windows, emphasizing again its high compatibility with games.

To get a more raw view of the MacOS experience, the journalist says he wanted to use the system with a minimum of third-party software, to see what natively embedded solutions Apple offered.

Easy adaptation

To get a more raw view of the MacOS experience, the journalist says he wanted to use the system with a minimum of third-party software, to see what natively embedded solutions Apple offered.

His conclusion was as follows: work without complicationss. He says that Apple succeeds in this philosophy of a device that is already rounded, ready to be used as soon as the notebook lid is lifted.

“I was surprised at how quickly and well I adapted to macOS. The truth is that it is a system that prides itself on this, and Apple takes great care to avoid ‘stuttering’. In addition, the system offers a series of features aimed at productivity and multimedia, exactly what I was looking for.”says the journalist.

Vallejo feels that the system’s functions are much closer to the user and that you don’t need to delve too deeply into the subject to get the hang of performing any task. “I also couldn’t get over the fact that you can preview virtually any type of file. And just by clicking on an item and pressing the space bar, you can preview documents, images, videos, and more without opening any programs, which is an incredibly useful feature that Windows lacks.”

He also mentions that he found it curious how apps are installed. “When we open a DMG file, we have the option of running the application in question in an isolated environment or dragging it to the storage system to install it on the computer. This is perhaps one of the most shocking points, especially if you are a Windows user, as it is a visibly different process.”

Essential Third-Party Apps for MacOS

He also listed some third-party apps that he often uses on a daily basis with his Mac:

  • Slack;
  • Discord;
  • Steam;
  • Telegram;
  • WhatsApp;
  • North Pass
  • Moonlight

Regarding apps, he cites the system’s decision to alternate functions in the top bar, which is personalized for each application being run, as a very good one. This way, everything is more at hand and we don’t have to constantly search through the menus to find what we need.

What about games?

Well, his main platform at this point will remain Windows PC, but he praised the many retro game emulators that are compatible with Mac, making the MacBook a great device for installing thousands of old games.

Not everything is perfect

One point that the journalist highlighted as highly superior in Windows is window management. “There are times when it is difficult to place them exactly where the user wants and Apple’s philosophy of wanting to control every aspect of its system conflicts in this sense, as I think there is a greater preference for making things look good on the screen rather than giving the user freedom and offering facilities to place windows anywhere”

Some apps, like Magnet, help improve this issue of window management on MacOS.

What to consider when migrating?

In addition to the high cost of such a device, especially in markets like Brazil, the journalist mentions that “entering macOS also means make a series of sacrificesespecially when it comes to leaving our comfort zone. There will be features that you probably don’t like or that the system may not meet all your needs. That’s why, if you’re concerned about testing this operating system, first keep in mind how you expect to use it and whether the platform will meet your expectations.


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