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A new leak suggests that Intel Z890 boards will be the only ones of the new generation to allow overclocking of Arrow Lake (desktop) CPUs – also known as Intel Core Ultra 200.

In the post below, shared by user “jaykinh0“, it is noted that the IA and BCLK OC feature – responsible for voltage adjustments for x86 cores and base clock – will only be available on the model and will remain absent on other chipsets.

As you can see above, there will be five motherboard models on the market this generation: the Intel Z890 (premium), the W880 (workstation), the Q870, the Z860 (budget) and the H810 (entry level). Considering that the Z860 at least allows memory overclocking, it is notable that no boost option will be seen on the Q870 and H810 motherboards.

Although the post states that “there will be no H810 SKUs”, in the replies he corrects this and states that we will not actually have H870 models for this new generation.

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Prepare your wallet for the Intel Z890 chipset

Although the information about the Intel Z890 chipset and support for overclocking Arrow Lake processors are preliminary specifications, that is, subject to change, this probably won’t happen because they have already been adopted by some of the manufacturer’s commercial partners and revealed within Computex 2024.

This means that if the user wants to push their Intel Core Ultra 200 CPUs to the limit, it is a good idea to save a little more money to guarantee the premium model – as it should not arrive at a “reasonable” price (in estimates, as its values ​​have not been disclosed so far).

Intel Core Ultra 200 2024

Expanding the motherboard line

It is possible to notice in the specifications that the Intel W880 chipset will be the only one that will support DDR5 ECC memories. In addition, both it and the Z890 will support 48 PCIe lanes, while the H810 model will only have 24 PCIe lanes.

The B860 will have PCIe 5.0 x16 and x4 interfaces through the CPU – indicating that the Z890 won’t be the only one to have 5.0 potential in GPU and SSD configurations. However, using it means the user won’t have access to the secondary PCIe 4.0 x4 through the CPU.

Intel Z890 motherboards are expected to launch in 2024, alongside Arrow Lake “K” processors. The rest will likely arrive early next year. More details are expected to be revealed during Innovation, the annual event that the manufacturer presents in September.

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